Reasonable Prices For Repair & Maintenance Services in CT

Septic Pumping and Cleaning

Routine septic maintenance cleaning prices for most locations starting at:

  • 1000 Gallon Tank, $269
  • 1250 Gallon Tank, $299
  • 1500 Gallon Tank, $320
  • 2000 Gallon Tank, $337
  • 3000 Gallon Tank, $500

Call office for larger tank size quotes!

Other sizes are available on request. Filter cleaning is $30 in addition to the pumping price. Pumpings will schedule in the mornings or afternoons. Morning pumpings are between 7:30 AM- 12:00 PM, and afternoon pumpings are scheduled between 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM. We will do our best to arrive for the period agreed. However, some factors may affect our arrival time, such as weather, mechanical issues, emergencies, Etc. As a result, please let the receptionist be aware of any particular time requests or accommodations needed when calling our office.

Grease trap pumping starts at $445 plus tax for a 1000 gallon tank

1250 gallon tank: $475 plus tax

1500 gallon tank: $502.50 plus tax

2000 gallon tank: $675 plus tax

2500 gallon tank: $750 plus tax

3000 gallon tank: $955 plus tax

5000 gallon tank: and $1200 plus tax

Call office for larger tank size quotes!


***Additional - Fuel surcharges may be added as necessary.

***Over-filled tanks will have an additional charge in addition to the pumping price.

***If hand digging is required to access tank lids, charges are $30 per foot per location in the sand. Soils with stones, roots, and frost conditions will charge by the hour. Machine digging will vary based on the size and type of machine required.

We Accept the Following Payment Methods-

Payment Methods

Real Estate Inspections

Real Estate Inspections start at $279.00 for 1 system and $519.00 for 2 systems. Weekend Inspections are also upon request. Inspection reports are usually available via email 2 business days after the inspection date. If inspection reports are needed within 48 hours, necessary accommodations can be made with proper notification and a $60. We will charge an additional expedite fee to the buyer. Our thorough inspections meet the Connecticut Recommended Septic System Inspection Report for real estate transactions in Connecticut. We are COWRA (Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association), the professional association for septic system installers, pumper/cleaners, and professional engineers.

Septic Repairs

Repairs are dependent on many factors, including the site location, topography, subsurface issues, weather, etc.