residential sewer repair Admiral Septic offers the following services for both residential and commercial properties. We specialize in septic tank inspections, pumping, repairing, and installations in towns throughout N.E. Connecticut.

Our commercial services for restaurants, condominiums, housing complexes, and mobile homes include grease trap installation, cleaning, filter cleaning, and maintenance.

For residential customers we offer septic tank pumping & cleaning, inspections, and repairs. We understand that as a homeowner, or business owner, you need a professional and reliable service at a fair price, and we are committed to that level of service.

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Tank Pumping & Cleaning

Septic tank pumpingA routine septic tank pumping is the key to maintaining a healthy system.

Regular pumping helps keep sludge build-up at a manageable level. Your septic system must be cleaned properly on a regular basis to ensure that it maintains a healthy liquid balance.

Contact us to schedule a time to have your system pumped and cleaned.

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Septic & Sewer Inspections

Septic inspection Services We offer video camera inspections of your septic or sewer, and can also locate buried septic lines, underground tanks and utility lines.

If you are considering selling or purchasing a home, our septic inspections meet the Connecticut Recommended Septic System Inspection Report for commercial and residential real estate transactions in Connecticut.

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Septic Repair

Septic system repair If your wastewater system has beed damaged, or is not functioning properly, it can contaminate ground water, surface water and your yard can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, so any problems should be addressed as soon as possible.

Our services include septic pump repairs and replacement, baffles replaced, broken lines repaired, tank or leaching field replacements, and full system repair designs and installations.

Residential Services

Residential septic repairWe provide residential septic system services throughout Hartford, Tolland, Windham Counties, and the rest of Connecticut..

From very old types of residential septic systems to the newest engineered septic systems, we offer a professional and reliable service at a competitive price.

Residential Services Include:

Commercial Services

Commercial septic repair We install and service commercial septic systems and grease traps. We provide commercial servicing for restaurants, condominiums, housing complexes, and mobile home associations.

Commercial Services Include:

Maintenance Services

Septic inspections We provide both residential and commercial maintenance recommendations for your septic system based on a thorough inspection.

Even if you're not experiencing any current problems with your septic tank, it is critical in order to prevent problems from arising by having your septic tank pumped approximately every 2-4 years depending on the size of the septic tank as well as the amount of usage.

Contact us to schedule an inspection and to determine routine maintenance recommendations based on your specific needs.